The Organisation

Studied since the end of the last century by groups joined by Richard Pawlowsky who were aimed at his theory born in the 70s, the Cristal which is represented by the e-Compendium company expanded with the new abilities and usage provide with a small budget for everyone by technologies and new knowledge founded on neurology, psycho-sociology, philosophy, mathematics and sciences in general and IT sciences in particular.

Times to expand

In 2012, during the legislative election, our first candidate made our projet known under the name of "Resistance" in the Vaucluse, in Provence "PACA".
It was one of the internet only campaign to test how people can manage an electronic campaign versus a paper and gaz campaign.

As this early age, it was a first run.
In 2017, unless special politic issues arrise, a new campaign will be launched, but this time on a larger scale.
In fact, What can do a deputee alone, if there is not others to go in this tracks and sustain our projects


SDGAC Sustainable and Strategic group on linkedIN

CRISTAL launches the 2017 campaign

Cristal will be present in the 2017 French legislatives .

Join us, French or not, it needs you as an individuals and not a  company to sustain us and be an active member of Cristal


CRISTAL defined its axes

After the departemental/cantonal elections with the presence of 3 partis, CRISTAL would be the fourth.